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Sales Effectiveness Assessments

The purpose of our Sales Effectiveness Assessment is to understand the current state of your sales capabilities and identify opportunities for improvement across the entire sales ecosystem. By conducting a comprehensive analysis across various areas of your sales operations, we aim to enhance your sales performance, optimise processes, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

​Six Key Areas Of Review

  1. Client Value: Evaluate the value your solutions deliver to clients.

  2. Leadership: Assesses leaders' ability to set direction, inspire teams, and drive performance.

  3. Sales Enablement: Review the effectiveness of training, tools, and processes.

  4. Client Conversations: Analyse the quality and effectiveness of client interactions.

  5. Management: Examine coaching, performance management, and strategic guidance.

  6. Ways of Working: Look at sales processes, workflows, and cross-functional collaboration.

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You will receive a comprehensive report detailing key findings, insights, and recommendations, along with an impact assessment outlining potential revenue uplift.


For further information, please read our detailed brochure.

We will invest in your success

If you have a genuine intent to identify areas of improvement in your sales performance and implement a programme of change, we should have a no-obligation conversation to understand your challenges.

If we are aligned after our conversation and we believe we can add value, we will invest

in your sales success. We will invest time and effort to review key performance metrics and analyse a selection opportunities and collaterals to identify and quantify areas of improvement.

Our proven process ensures collaboration at every step as we co-invest to identify and quantify areas for sales performance enhancement. In evaluating the effectiveness of your sales team’s consultative selling skills, we will review their proficiency in helping clients identify and realise value. Our assessment is designed to scrutinise and refine your approach, ensuring that every client interaction is impactful and meaningful. Find out more here.

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Three Reasons Clients Choose Us


Practical Approach

Our team members are practitioners who can actively participate in your sales processes. They offer advice and training from a practical, real-world perspective, not just theoretical knowledge, ensuring credibility and effectiveness.


Experienced Coaches

Our expert coaches combine extensive industry experience with proven coaching techniques. They offer insights and strategies that are both innovative and practical, ensuring your team is well-prepared for real-world challenges.


Customised Solutions

We leverage the best research and thinking to co-create programmes with you, making them part of your sales culture. By incorporating best practices and adapting them to your specific environment, we drive the change you seek and you achieve better outcomes.


Choosing The Right Partner

Selecting the right partner for your sales training and coaching needs is crucial for achieving your business goals. Here's a comparison to help you make an informed decision:

Red Apples.png
​Traditional Training Providers
  1. Focus on training

  2. Limited to training and coaching

  3. Broad range of offerings, often dominated by leadership offerings

  4. Sales performance usually a small part of a broad portfolio

  5. Limited cyclical investment in new content

  6. Standard offerings and inflexible tools

  7. Training provider branding

  8. Standard content delivered by trainers

  9. Often significant IP and licensing charges

  10. Typically work in isolation to Sales Enablement functions

  11. Focus on Learning and Development

  12. Enable learning through interventions and events

Green Apple.png
The Sales Coach Network
  1. Focus on business outcomes and embedding

  2. Training and coaching are only part of a broader capability

  3. Advise on the sales ecosystem only (includes sales leadership)

  4. We only work on sales performance improvement

  5. Ongoing development with monthly enhancements to content

  6. Bespoke programmes and tools based on detailed needs analysis

  7. Custom programmes in your branding

  8. Delivered by practitioners that can bring a real-world view

  9. No separate IP charges

  10. Complement and supplement Sales Enablement functions

  11. Focus on the entire sales ecosystem

  12. Enable transformation through multi-year programmes


Let's Have A Conversation

Ready to start your sales transformation journey and lead your teams to success?
Book a Discovery Call today to discuss how we will invest in an assessment.

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