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Insights From The Sales Coach Network

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New Perspective

Our new whitepaper invites sales teams to critically evaluate and adjust their strategies in seven critical areas to enhance performance, influence, and outcomes.


This ensures they do not merely operate their sales machinery, but drive it effectively toward robust growth objectives, avoiding the fate of being eclipsed by competitors who embrace a more holistic and nuanced perspective.

Success Is Systematic.png

Like any sports team, the goal of a great sales team is to win against their competitors. Success is not dependent upon a single sales leader or ‘superstar’ salesperson, but is built into the systems meaning the team wins again and again, year after year...

Methodical Or Haphazard.png

Our typical two-day workshop focuses on teaching participants how they can move from product-led selling to value-based selling, and demonstrates why a methodical approach always beats a haphazard one. At the end of day two, there are typically some questions of curiosity...

Sales Management Puzzle.png

Are you a first line sales manager? If you can become an expert at the core disciplines listed here, your team and career will thank you…

The Qualification Challenge.png

Opportunity Qualification seems to be the Achilles Heel of most sales organisations. It’s hard to know where to focus and, more importantly, how to build certainty about where you are, what’s missing and your confidence level...

Where Is The Value.png

At The Sales Coach Network, we have developed a proprietary Value Framework which complements our Sales Accelerator Methodology to help sales professionals think and act differently, as they navigate the various client conversations during a sales pursuit...

Strategic Account Management.png

Account Management is a critical role in high performing sales organisations, so why do so many leaders fail to ensure the wide adoption and use of account plans?

What's The Big Deal_.png

Everyone wants to find and win bigger deals. It’s the ‘ideal state’ or desired scenario for most B2B sales organisations and professionals. The terms ‘whale hunting’, ‘mega-deals’, and ‘super-sized’ are common and they all mean different things in different industries and organisations...

Crucial Conversations Cover.png

All parties know when conversations are going well, and can feel it when they hit a roadblock. The 10 Crucial Conversations described here are not the only conversations your teams need to have, nor do they happen in a defined order...

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