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Our Methodology

Sales Accelerator Method

Complex sales involve multiple client engagements, often with several stakeholders, and there are only ever three outcomes from a sales meeting with a prospect or client. We either advance, go backwards, or don’t move from our previous position.

There is only one thing that allows us to gain and keep momentum on any sale: when the client makes a decision to proceed further with us, based on the quality of our interactions and conversations. That’s the essence of our methodology, which increases speed to value for our clients.

The Sales Accelerator Methodology comprises a proven set of frameworks, skills, techniques and tools designed to enable organisations to transition from product or service-based selling to value-based consultative selling. Unlike many consultative selling methods, the focus is not just on what to do, but HOW to do it.


It is principles-based, client-centric and structured around the different decisions your clients need to take as you progress a sale, and importantly the dialogue required to enable those decisions in every meeting.

SA Method_Overview.png
Complex, high-value sales only happen when:

  • There are challenges to solve or business outcomes to achieve

  • We jointly identify the value between where they are and where they want to be

  • The change is worth the cost

  • The future state is a better state

  • Our solution precisely meets their needs – both intellectually and emotionally

  • Prospects or clients see us as capable, credible and trustworthy

  • We can articulate why we’re different in a way that matters to the client

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