Your New Sales Coaching Business Is Ready To Launch

Our opportunity offers excellent potential for growth anywhere in the world. You can achieve a good work/life balance, work from anywhere, earn what you deserve, and make a difference to the business outcomes of your clients.


The Ideal Candidate

We’re searching for new or experienced sales coaches who are passionate about their work and want to earn what they are worth by following a tried and tested process with support from people who have already made the journey.

Are any of the following statements true for you? If so, it's time to take the next step.

I have a passion for sales and love to coach, train and mentor other people

I'm an existing sales coach looking to expand my client base, offer additional services and grow my revenue

I'm frustrated with corporate life in an internal training, coaching or sales enablement role

✓ I'd love to work for myself and control my own income and future, but I'm put off by start-up statistics



Why Choose The Sales Coach Network?

We can enable you with techniques, systems, processes, know-how and resources that have been tested over many years, so that you can work confidently with your clients and build a lucrative business.

Access our world-class content library

Generate multiple recurring income streams

Leverage technology with our bespoke portal

Benefit from training and ongoing support

Be part of a supportive, collaborative network

Build a valuable asset that you could later sell

Travel planning


Global Opportunities

There has never been a better time to start a sales coaching business, so act now! There are more than 40,000 businesses with at least 50 employees in the UK, and the market is significantly greater internationally. Sales professionals in many businesses don’t have access to the dedicated sales training and coaching that they desperately need.

You will cover an unrestricted territory, with the opportunity to target thousands of potential clients and leverage your existing network and B2B connections. This will enable you to maximise the opportunity for revenue as your business grows.

There are no barriers or borders to the success of your business.


Our Range Of Delivery Options

Our programmes can be customised from a broad range of content areas and are suitable for business-to-business organisations across all industry sectors.

Instructor-led training (in-person)

Instructor-led training (remote)

1:1 coaching

Group coaching

Deal coaching

Self-directed learning



Your Questions Answered

"The content and approach is world class, and the team and other coaches are incredibly supportive and collaborative. This is enabling me to support my clients in areas and ways I could not have done on my own, while building my business faster than I initially expected."

Jonathan Bouchier
Member of The Sales Coach Network



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Are You Interested In A Sales Coach Franchise?

The Sales Coach Network is not your typical sales franchise or management consulting opportunity. If you are looking to become a sales coach, there has never been a better time to start, and we can equip you with all the tools and expertise that you require.