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Sales Training


Training Programme Topic Areas

We offer a range of carefully targeted training interventions with multiple delivery options, including traditional classroom-based training, live online sessions and self-directed learning available 24/7 on our dedicated portal, supported by Artificial Intelligence applications and dedicated coaching.

  • SDR/BDR Lead Generation

  • Proactive Origination

  • Opportunity Advancement and Qualification

  • Closing the Sale

  • Negotiation

  • Creating Presentations that Win

  • Writing Winning Proposals

  • Account Management and Planning

  • Key Account Expansion

  • Successful Bid Management

  • Sales Management

  • Sales Leadership

  • Performance Coaching

  • Understanding Social Styles

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More Than Just A Workshop

We deliver business results and behaviour change over time – not just stand alone training events.


When you’ve undertaken one of our custom training programmes, you can login to our bespoke portal to access all the relevant tools and bite-sized training videos on any device 24/7 as part of an extended learning journey. You can also leverage Artificial Intelligence tools to enhance knowledge retention.


Choosing The Right Partner

Selecting the right partner for your sales training and coaching needs is crucial for achieving your business goals. Here's a comparison to help you make an informed decision:

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​Traditional Training Providers
  1. Focus on training

  2. Limited to training and coaching

  3. Broad range of offerings, often dominated by leadership offerings

  4. Sales performance usually a small part of a broad portfolio

  5. Limited cyclical investment in new content

  6. Standard offerings and inflexible tools

  7. Training provider branding

  8. Standard content delivered by trainers

  9. Often significant IP and licensing charges

  10. Typically work in isolation to Sales Enablement functions

  11. Focus on Learning and Development

  12. Enable learning through interventions and events

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The Sales Coach Network
  1. Focus on business outcomes and embedding

  2. Training and coaching are only part of a broader capability

  3. Advise on the sales ecosystem only (includes sales leadership)

  4. We only work on sales performance improvement

  5. Ongoing development with monthly enhancements to content

  6. Bespoke programmes and tools based on detailed needs analysis

  7. Custom programmes in your branding

  8. Delivered by practitioners that can bring a real-world view

  9. No separate IP charges

  10. Complement and supplement Sales Enablement functions

  11. Focus on the entire sales ecosystem

  12. Enable transformation through multi-year programmes


Your Own Custom Sales Methodology

Off-the-shelf methodologies often fall short, leaving teams disconnected. Picture your own custom sales method – aligned with your culture, client market and sales environment. Frameworks and models are created in your brand identity to meet your specific requirements and designed to be easily embedded in your business.


How can coaching for sales boost performance?

Unlock the secrets to enhancing your sales team's success!

Discover how coaching for sales can transform performance with essential insights, powerful techniques, and proven frameworks. Learn how to implement effective coaching programs that drive results and elevate your team's potential.

Find Out More!

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