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What Is Sales Coaching? And How Can It Help Your Business?

Sales coaching is the process of preparing salespeople to win more business and make the most of their relationships with clients, through consistent feedback and support.

Here at The Sales Coach Network, we are passionate about training our clients to win more often and win bigger.

If you are seeking more customers or sales, sales coaching could be the answer. Our guidance might be the difference between you landing a sale or failing to meet the mark.

An effective coaching programme enables salespeople to figure out where they are falling short so that they can take greater ownership of their performance and improve outcomes.

We can evaluate your progress and mentor you one-on-one in order for you to achieve optimal results.

We specialise in complex sales. These types of sales involve multiple stages and stakeholders. There is a great deal to consider as discussions progress, and we can be there for you every step of the way.

Your customer may not be familiar with the solutions on offer, and there could be many different approaches to solving the problem. Perhaps the client doesn’t know how to buy or tends to make buying decisions infrequently. The team at The Sales Coach Network can mentor you to make sense of sales stumbling blocks.

Sales coaching is a formal process that involves ongoing, individualised teaching from sales managers to improve the performance of salespeople. It includes advising sellers on how to achieve their objectives, correcting habits that have no impact, reproducing the habits that lead to success and developing the skills of the team. However, it is not merely a case of boosting numbers – we want to affect lasting change that can be carried forward to future deals.

The Sales Coach Network’s coaches have worked with businesses all over the world and significantly increased their conversion rates. Don’t delay – contact us today to find out how we can boost your win rates. Learn more about our proven formulas for success such as The Sales Accelerator Method. Our coaches have vast experience and have overcome all manner of sales obstacles. They can help you to find a way through.

Why do you need to hire a sales coach for your business?

There are several reasons to hire a sales coach. Firstly, hiring one can help your staff to prioritise what really matters rather than ‘churning’ in an unproductive fashion. The performance of your company will be elevated, and you’ll be able to raise morale too.

The goal of sales coaching is to increase sales by improving skills and knowledge. We can help you to sharpen up both of these aspects.

Sales coaching is a way for you to benefit from the knowledge of an expert in sales who can guide you through the process of selling your product or service. We can provide a clear path for you to follow to achieve your goals.

The result? Here’s what one director of business development had to say after working with us: “We’ve been identifying and working on better opportunities. We’ve been able to understand the client’s challenges and requirements, so we’ve been able to add more value during the sales process. That has led to achieving the same, if not better, results with less inputs.”

If you decide to bring us on board, we can help your business develop and implement strategies that will increase sales revenue. Contact us today to find out how.

How Does It Work?

The role of the sales coach is to support you on your sales journey. All of us slip up from time to time, but our coaches have experienced all manner of challenges and can offer you advice on how to overcome the pitfalls you might encounter along the way.

The first step is to download our brochure. Once you’ve had a chance to read it through, one of our coaches will be in touch.

Of course, there are various options available when it comes to sales coaching. What sets us apart is how tailored and personalised our service is. We draw on the very best teaching that is out there, while adding our own proprietary methodology into the mix.

There are fundamental differences between sales coaching and sales management. Think of training as a science and coaching as an art. Coaching is not simply a case of disseminating information. It involves listening to salespeople and focusing on what each individual requires in terms of leadership, support and upskilling.

Sales coaching can be carried out in-person or remotely, in real time, or asynchronously. It's also possible to combine both elements in a coaching programme. We have all adapted to a working from home environment; it’s possible (and perhaps even more effective) for you to receive your training remotely.

Research indicates that high quality coaching can yield an annual revenue increase of up to seven per cent. Salespeople who receive 30 minutes or less of sales coaching per week receive win rates of 43%, while those that receive at least two hours of coaching per week have a win rate of 56%. This is an investment you can’t afford to miss out on. (

Why Is Coaching Important To Businesses?

Sales coaching is an effective tool that helps a business to succeed. A coach can help a business become better by helping the owner learn to make more impactful decisions. Coaches can also help a business owner figure out what is going wrong in their business.

Our team can allow a business owner to see where their strengths are and provide guidance for improving on weaker areas.

Coaching engages people at all levels in the company, which can help you discover ways to improve your business and make sure everyone understands their roles in making those improvements happen.

How do you find a good coach? Look no further – download our brochure today to find out what we can bring to your business.

Our programmes can be customised from a broad range of content areas and are suitable for business-to-business organisations across all industry sectors. We offer in-person or remote instructor-led training, 1:1 coaching, group coaching, deal coaching and self-directed learning.

The Benefits Of Sales Coaching For Your Business

By investing in sales coaching, you will benefit from continuous learning, more motivated salespeople, a better customer experience, increased sales results and a more cohesive team. Sales coaching is a valuable resource that could make all the difference for your organisation.

Your staff will retain information more effectively, improve their behaviours and achieve more consistent results. Resources will be better utilised and, most importantly, you will be developing your people, making them well-rounded professionals.

While we can provide instant benefits to your sales team, you will also notice profound effects over time as our teaching methods are embedded in your staff’s approach.

Who Can Be Coached?

Anyone who is involved with selling something can benefit from sales coaching, from the top of your organisation down. We work extensively with managers, key executives and their teams.

Past clients include sales managers, client services managers, account executives, sales operations managers, heads of business development, sales directors and directors of external relations. Every level of your organisation can benefit from our input and expertise. Though the most obvious candidates are those who work in sales departments for companies that sell products or services, we work across a wide range of industry segments.

How To Get Started

If you are considering joining a sales coaching programme, there is no time like the present and (we are confident of this), no better option for you than The Sales Coach Network. Our coaches are dedicated to providing a stellar service of personalised support, alongside you as you take each step on your sales journey.

All you need to do is download our brochure and a member of our team will get back to you to arrange a call.

You want to ensure that your business continues to grow in the most efficient way possible while maintaining the effectiveness (and happiness) of your salespeople. We’ve got you covered – read our testimonials to see how we have already helped dozens of businesses just like yours.

Let us increase your speed to value and reach meaningful decisions more swiftly. You can count on us to increase your opportunities and deliver superb results.

To arrange a call to discuss your needs and decide whether we might be a good fit, send us a short message and we'll have a quick conversation with no obligation. We promise to bring you measurable results within 100 days. The modern buying process is nuanced; we can help you break it down.

We look forward to hearing from you. Reach us by email at

Download our brochure to take the first step in growing your business today.


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