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How The Sales Coach Network Can Help Your Business Improve Its Sales Ability

Over the past 10 years, The Sales Coach Network has worked with more than 70 organisations just like yours in order to improve their sales outcomes. Could now be the right time for you to consider our programme for your business? We can help you raise the professional selling standards of your client-facing teams.

Our coaching and training approach places Value-Based Consultative Selling at its

foundation and focuses on what makes the top five per cent of performers stand out

from the crowd. We offer sales coaching and training services to help you reach your targets.

On the fence about whether to invest? One of our clients, sales manager Katharine Morris, says: “The training and coaching has made a huge difference. This is my best year by far. I’ve achieved double my sales target, and I’ve also achieved next year’s target already. I’ve brought on some of my biggest deals yet, and I just feel in such a different space to where I was a year or two ago.” VP of client services Lisa Jefferies adds: “The opportunity cost of not doing it is higher than doing it, so I would highly recommend to everyone, don't hesitate, just get on, get the coaching and start getting better results.”

Network director Les Bailey leads our training, and he is supported by a team of talented sales coaches who have experienced more or less every selling scenario across long and distinguished careers. Whatever your situation, it’s likely our team have already been there and done it. If you feel as though you have already tried everything to propel your team forward and are running low on ideas, our offer could be just what you are looking for.

We provide sales coaching and training. We can deliver this online, anywhere in the UK and beyond.

The training is interactive, engaging and boasts a high level of retention. Our methods have been proven time and again. Organisations need to train their people on a consistent basis, to keep them and the company competitive. Sure, you will have a range of internal training on offer, but sometimes it can be good to look to outside influences. An outside perspective can help you identify problems and opportunities and allows you to view the situation through a fresh lens. The goal is to make sure that you are functioning at your best level. Allow us to take some of the workload and pressure off your shoulders as we identify how your sales team can implement positive change.

Our sales coaches can work with your employees and help them attain their sales goals. Download our brochure to learn more.

The types of sales coaching we offer are as follows:

1. In-Person Sales Training

Sales training is very effective when conducted in-person. We can spend a day or half-day with your team to bring them up to speed. We bring a unique insight and approach to the training room that your team will likely not have experienced before. Seeing us face-to-face will build rapport and lead to strong outcomes.

2. Online Sales Training

Online training is one of the most efficient ways for you to draw on our extensive resources and experience. Book a call with one of our coaches to start your journey. We guarantee to coach your team in a way that will reframe what they already know while arming them with new techniques to sell better.

3. Private Corporate Sales Coaching

Put your faith in us by hiring The Sales Coach Network to be your personal sales coach. We can help to significantly improve results for your team.

4. 1-on-1 Sales Coaching Sessions

If you are looking for more in-depth knowledge and a bespoke and tailored approach, one on one could be the best option for you.

We offer live in-person delivery where travel permits, and this offers the advantage

of sustained interaction, valuable networking and shared learning experiences. Where

required, video can be used to capture and enhance the learning experience, particularly

during simulations.

Classes or cohorts are designed for up to 24 participants and the recommended size

is 16-20 to maximise the learning experience and allow for focus from the instructor.

Programmes can also be delivered live online using Zoom or an alternative video

conferencing platform of your choice to ensure high-quality fully interactive sessions.

Remote programmes range from 1:1 personal sales effectiveness programmes to full

online training for up to 20 people.

The Sales Coach Network will work with you to develop an action plan that fits the needs of your business.

What are the benefits of working with us?

Our programme includes:

• Principles Of Effectiveness In Business Development

This is an introduction to the seven sales accelerator principles and six client decisions that enable sales professionals to differentiate themselves and outperform their competitors.

• Gaining And Keeping Momentum

We demonstrate the only way to gain and keep momentum on any opportunity. This is the ‘secret sauce’ of the Sales Accelerator Method.

• Originate New Opportunities

We explain the ‘Zero Cold Calling’ method, which allows you to engage without selling.

• Advance And Qualify

Here we focus on how to identify what the client values. You will understand needs, and validate and qualify an opportunity. The workshops focus on the use of Soft Skills (Emotional Quotient or EQ) and the techniques of high-performing consultative professionals. The emphasis is on practical skills and tools with a significant element of practice and refinements applied to a real client scenario/opportunity.

• Present To Win

Engage immediately with your audience and differentiate so that they choose you.

• Write Winning Proposals

We outline the best practices to write a proposal that gets a ‘Yes’ rather than a ‘No’.

• Negotiation Foundations

We explore how to plan and conduct a Win/Win negotiation.

• Realise Client Value

We teach you how to close and agree a Win/Win deal that enables clients to realise value. The more value we enable for the client, typically the more value we derive too.

• Effective Account Management

How to effectively grow or defend your most important clients with a focus on execution.

• Effectiveness In Business Development

The complete online programme for self-directed and self-paced learning.

By progressing through the programmes you will:

  • Develop more effective sales strategies and tactics that you can use moving forward to achieve better results

  • Create more effective pitches and presentations that really sell your product to the client

  • Get more out of your existing sales team by providing them with coaching and training from a trusted external source

  • Improve customer service so that every interaction is a win for both buyer and seller

  • Increase confidence in yourself and your employees by instilling best practices for all aspects of the sales process

Now is the time to harness for your business the training it needs to improve its ability to sell effectively. Find out what it takes to create your own expert sales training programme.

For most of our clients, ‘Good’ is not good enough. They strive to become more successful than their peers. Developing their professional sales skills and growing as individuals and teams helps them win in their markets.

Our intent is to partner with you to understand your most pressing sales challenges and bring our very best thinking and experience to support your strategic sales endeavours and deliver measurable results in fewer than 100 days.

Creating a compelling rationale and communicating it with clarity is key to ensuring that participants understand why they are being asked to adopt a new way of working. We’ll work with you to help articulate the rationale and business outcomes.

Whether you are trying to improve lead generation, capture new clients, expand penetration in key accounts or increase win rates, our ‘Enlightened Selling’ principles are game-changing for sellers. We look to create Enlightened sellers rather than traditional Subservient or Compliant ones.

Are you ready to take the next step? Book a call or download our full brochure to find out more. Having an outside party observe your sales approaches can be both rewarding and enlightening; we might be able to spot something that you couldn’t because it’s right under your nose. We are seeking the same outcome that you are seeking – more frequent and bigger wins for your team. We can audit your processes and discover areas for improvement, and you can start the journey as soon as you are ready to…


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