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Is It Worth Paying For Sales Coaching And What Benefits Can You Get?

“A higher investment per salesperson results in a higher level of satisfaction with the training within the organisation”

If you are considering investing in sales coaching for your team, the decision isn’t straightforward. You’ll be weighing up the cost against the potential benefits.

At The Sales Coach Network, we’re here to tell you that the investment is totally worth it. We have been there, done it and got the t-shirt when it comes to sales, in careers that span several decades. We can guide you along every step in the process and bring you measurable results in a matter of weeks.

Why go for it, you ask?

Investing in sales training produces a better sales team who will close more deals.

Taking sales training that brings you up to speed in selling can give you the confidence to go after that dream deal.

And if you want your business to succeed and make a profit, investing in sales training is the best way to go.

There are thousands of sales training options, from online training to highly customised programmes for large sales teams.

We can offer face-to-face training or online coaching – whichever suits you and your style of working.

Sales coaching is a process whereby experienced mentors (for example The Sales Coach Network) analyse your current processes and suggest improvements. We take a look at every stage of the selling process, from the initial conversations to closing a deal. We can guarantee that outcomes will improve once you have completed a series of coaching sessions with us.

The challenges of selling in a complex B2B landscape are well documented. They include accessing and managing the differing requirements of multiple stakeholders (on both sides), engaging a more educated and informed buyer, and maintaining momentum and a focus on mutual value throughout an often-protracted buying process.

Complex sales involve multiple client engagements, often with several stakeholders, and there are only ever three outcomes from a sales meeting with a prospect or client. We either advance, go backwards, or don’t move from our previous position.

Here’s how you can gain and keep momentum on any sale: when the client decides to proceed further with us, based on the quality of our interactions and conversations. That’s the essence of our methodology, which increases speed to value for our clients. We use the Sales Accelerator Methodology, a tried and tested means of improving sales results. It’s a methodology that we teach week in, week out, and it can bring you success like it has to dozens of our high-profile clients.

Sales training is worth it when done correctly – sometimes it can be expensive and time-consuming, and it's worth doing well.

Not taking advantage of sales training can stifle turnover, which is expensive and disruptive to your company. Whereas a good sales training programme could save you money in the long run.

Is sales training worth it, we hear you ask? The importance of sales training should not be underestimated. The benefits of sales training are significant, and by executing and evaluating sales training programmes, you are maximising opportunities for your team.

We have been through much of this before in previous blog posts, but allow us to spell out the benefits of sales coaching:

1. Increased sales revenue and growth

There is a relationship between developing your people and your sales results. Companies often ignore connection or don’t act on it. Research shows that 53% of individuals who work at companies that achieve high-revenue growth believe sales coaching is always or almost always effective (

Active listening is a skill that top salespeople possess. After asking questions, they engage with verbal and nonverbal cues, as well as confirm and clarify what they’ve heard. While body language and other physical gestures such as facial expressions, seating position and so on are important, and though these can easily be observed during an in-person meeting, this becomes much more difficult to gauge in a virtual environment. At The Sales Coach Network, we can conduct our meetings in whichever way suits you.

Empathy is one of the most critical attributes of a top performer, because it enables the team to truly understand their buyer’s perspective. Top performers understand that the more they can relate to the prospect, the deeper the relationship will be.

The highest-achieving salespeople have a short-term memory. Objection is a core part of being in sales, and those who can persevere through it are the most successful. When top performers face adversity, they will want to be resilient and look for the lesson. If your team takes rejection poorly, it does not bode well.

2. Improved communication and negotiation skills

Sales communication is the practice of exchanging vital messages that demonstrate a product’s value. The interaction can occur both face-to-face and virtually. While the goal is to close sales, effective communication occurs when your team approaches the prospect as a problem-solver, rather than a product-pusher.

Nothing is more grounding than an authentic person who makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. As such, authentic salespeople enable customers to drop their guard and communicate more freely.

To be taken seriously by your clients, you need to speak with authority. This involves gaining the knowledge to become a confident, convincing and credible professional.

Communication in the context of sales involves the delicate balancing act of moving toward the result you intend without overstepping the mark.

3. Enhanced product and industry knowledge

Product knowledge means that sales teams have a thorough understanding of the product they’re selling. Why is product knowledge necessary for salespeople? Salespeople should understand a product's features and benefits from the customer’s point of view, so they can have more meaningful conversations that lead to sales.

Teams should excel in two aspects: explaining your products and solving for the customer. To practice both these skills, have team members read through customer reviews. This enables them to learn from customers who use these products every day.

Knowing a product inside and out is a key indicator of a top-performing sales rep. With product knowledge training, your sales reps are empowered to answer questions and objections during their sales process.

4. Increased customer satisfaction and retention

Your customers play a key role in helping coach your employees and this has a positive effect to help drive change. You can use employee coaching to achieve better customer experiences.

Employee coaching helps drive strong customer outcomes — this not only benefits your people but overall enables a better customer experience.

Coaching shouldn’t just be between manager and employee, but in fact be a multi-way dialogue: manager and employee, manager and team, and team members with each other. This has a knock-on effect for the client.

5. More resources are available

Rather than getting lost in a sea of methodologies and not knowing which way to turn, our Sales Accelerator Method is both effective and memorable. By the time we have finished coaching you, you will have far more tools at your disposal to use every day in creating new sales and seeing them through.

6. Greater self-confidence and motivation

Money, opportunity, teamwork, visibility and excellence are all factors that will motivate your team. Obviously, the best way to generate motivation is to see the results of sales coaching for yourself. This is the reason why sales training is important.

Hopefully the paragraphs above will give you an insight into the benefits and importance of sales training. So, what are you waiting for? Download our brochure or book a call in with our team today to find out more. We have the knowledge and expertise to take your sales team to the next level, and what you invest in us will be returned to you with interest once your team takes advantage of our teachings.

To conclude, and to answer the initial question: is it worth paying for sales coaching? The answer is a resounding yes. Within 90 days you can expect to see improvements in your approach, which ultimately will lead to more business. Don’t wait around – contact us today and begin your coaching journey.


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